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BBQ Grids Accessories

Easy To Use:
Unzip the sturdy sling bag and in less than
30 seconds you are ready to BBQ. The unique
design allows one to assemble & disassemble
Cookout in a matter of seconds.

Ultra Compact & Portable:
Ultra compact but with a grill diameter of
425mm, it has ample room to cook for 6
people or more. Portability is key, and with
its flat round shape the
Cookout slips easily
into its sturdy bag, ready to be slung over
your shoulder, ready for its next destination. Perfect for camping, caravanning, boating,
beach BBQ’s and picnics.

The Cookout features an enamel baked steel
construction making it an extremely durable
and long lasting bbq.


Unique Design Features:



Upon assembly, the Cookout
offers you two configuration
, ideal to bbq from a
seated or standing position.

With the circular grid design, easily rotate
the grid for the best distribution of heat.

With its unique heat adjusting mechanism,
it allows you to adjust the heat to 5 different
levels ensuring the utmost control
in the cooking process.
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